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Our Mission and Vision

Deliver an immediate & positive impact on your life.

At Next Leap Training Solutions, we facilitate “best in class” training programs focusing on Communication Team work and Leadership development skills.

We are passionate about providing people with the skills that will deliver positive outcomes in their career  or take their career to the next level.

Our Mission is for our workshops is to deliver an immediate positive impact on our clients professional and personal life.

We achieve results by creating an interactive, supportive safe environment where participants learn based from real life experiences.

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Adaptive communication that gets the job done

Meet the person behind
Next Leap Training Solutions


I’m Joyce Campbell.

I’ve been guiding people to seamless, stress-free communication methods since 2009.

The skills I teach in my Process Communication Model and Leading Out Of Drama Workshops are immediately applicable to real life, and can lead to momentous improvements in personal and professional life.

How did I get here?

I spent over twenty years in leadership and executive roles before deciding to branch out into leadership and teamwork training. During that time, although I loved my roles, I still craved something more. I attained qualifications in Human Resources, Transport & Logistics, and Training and Assessment before landing on the Process Communication Model, Leading Out of Drama and facilitating training in Mental Health First Aid.

I completed the workshops myself and saw immediate improvements in my personal and professional life. Given my whole career had revolved around increasing productivity and improving teamwork, becoming accredited in the PCM Training was the logical next step.

Another subject I am passionate about is Mental Wellness which took me to another path of study to become an Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Mental Illness is said to impact 1 in 5 Australians and sadly these are the people that we know about as many remain silent with their struggles.

I believe in creating an environment in which participants quickly connect with each other. Feeling comfortable enough to share their experiences and opinions is crucial. I also take special care to use relatable, real-life examples to explain the material, and fun, interactive activities to assist learning and information retention.

Every single in-house Leadership Training Program comes with a thorough consultation designed to identify your team’s specific gaps, goals, and desired outcomes. I then tailor the program to suit those needs, as well as the learning and communication styles of the individual team members.

More businesses are now choosing to have their Leadership teams trained in Mental Health First Aid, giving them the skills to identify early signs of a mental health problem beginning and assist in a crisis situation. We can now include Mental Health First Aid Training to our Leadership workshops or you are able to book this as a separate group training session or attend one of our public training courses.


To book a corporate workshop or for any other enquiries, contact or 0408 264 500.

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